I was reading some articles from specifically on Powershell editors.  I had been a Sapien PrimalCode/PrimalScript user before Powershell.  Then I started using PowershellPlus.  The editor was great but the icing on the cake was the interactive console. 
Lately however I have gone back to PowerGUI Script editor (I don’t use the PowerGUI part, just the editor) and now I am using the Powershell ISE.  The primary reason for going back was not monetary as I have already paid for  PowershellPro Plus and PrimalScript 2009.  Since upgrading to version 3.1 x64 of PowershellPro Plus it has just been too unstable (best word I could think of) to continue with.  After executing a script or while in the console and it tries to perform word completion both the console and script editor go into “Not Responding” state and sometimes that can last until I finally kill the application.  The Idera folks have been responsive so I am not swearing off PowershellPro Plus, but I have also learned that the ISE that comes with Powershell is actually a pretty good and customizable editor.

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