Powershell Plus and other editors

I have been a big fan of PowershellPlus, the enhanced shell and scripting tool from Idera.  I had started experiencing issues with the application going into a “Not Responding”  state.  So the new version (3.5) was announced and I thought I would give it a try.  Same interface that drew me to the product with the clear command history, variable displays and the command completion were there.  I started using it and again it was regaining my interest.  Testing done, now lets use it…. Uhoh! I can only suspect this is an issue with PowershellPlus and Quest AD Management tools not working well together but… I was doing a pretty simple query of computers using the Quest get-qadcomputer cmdlet.  Simple output of:

Get-QADComputer -SearchRoot ‘somedomain.com/Some OU’ -SearchScope ‘Subtree’ | select Name, ParentContainer

looks as expected.  I prepended to a variable with:

$test = Get-QADComputer -SearchRoot ‘somedomain.com/Some OU’ -SearchScope ‘Subtree’ | select Name, ParentContainer

$test.count returns a number in the range I was expecting as it shows 113, so lets look at the output of $test … WTH! it shows 11 items which equated to a specific ParentContainer and the “Not Responding” state surfaced again but not as severe.  Odd, so I test in a standard Powershell CLI and $test.count returns 113 again, and when I check the contents of $test, the screen shows lines of what would be expected of 113 records. 

I will look at this but I have to say my loyalty to this product is done.  On the upside, since I have taken a new position, I have been evangelizing Powershell amongst the Windows SystemAdmins so I have been suggesting PowerGUI and even more the Powershell ISE.  Some of the main features (automatic code-signing, V2 comment based help template, etc…) that I used to favor PowerShellPlus have been showing up in these products.  If you can’t work with the Quest AD cmdlets that’s a deal breaker for me.

I am thinking my blog entries with be adorned with this from here on out….

My PowerShell IDE is PowerGUI

One thought on “Powershell Plus and other editors

  1. Glad you're happy with PowerGUI. I see you mention command history, which I want us to add as well. What else would you like to see in a future release of the product? Drop me a line and let me know (Poshoholic gmail or hotmail).Kirk out.

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