Be More Specific

Nothing revolutionary here and I probably should have planned accordingly but… I was provided with a list of computers to delete, as long as they are not online.  It’s a pretty simple script and since its been a sporadic request I have not really formalized it.  I use the start-transcipt and stop-transcript to record the output, and was going through the anomalies (computer objects with sub-objects, etc..).  Hmmmm why didn’t this computer get deleted???

Well based on the name, a get-qadobject returns several objects.  The computer name met the naming convention but was not complete.  An example would be if your computers are named in a fashion similar to computerXXX and a computer is named computer, when you perform:

get-qadcomputer computer

This will return the object you were looking for but will also return all of the computerXXX named objects.  The fix is simple, and this is not a bug in my opinion, just a caveat that is easily accounted for.  When performing the get-qadcomputer use the Name parameter to return the specific object…

get-qadcomputer -Name computer


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