Been Awhile

Wow, I have not posted here in some time.  With contracting and then starting a new job I have to admit my Powershell focus has been sporadic.  It is interesting that an employer can hire you in part for powershell but then don’t want you to focus on writing or perfecting scripts.

I am posting today based on the Scripting Guy’s recent post.  One of the things I have found interesting is to see Windows Admins who aren’t interested in scripting.  Then I show them how to run a simple wmi query from the Powershell prompt.

Then the next step is show them how to create a profile (colorful text still seems to get attention Smile) and then provide normal daily activities that can be accomplished via a function within their profile.

Of course there is still the work of converting vbscript coders to Powershell.  Admittedly there still seem to be things vbscript is better at but showing vbscript diehards some of the advantages Powershell provides is fun.

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