So, this post is more about personal loyalties than Powershell itself.  The recent changes with PowerGUI have me contemplating changing my default editor.  I have found PowerGUI to be great, but part of the greatness was the Product Manager.   The product is great, especially the editor.  I did buy the pro version and quite frankly in my environment it didn’t give me anything I could use but it seemed right to support the product as I as endorsing it to everyone I worked with.

At this point I am considering going back to PowershellPlus but after I played with the most recent beta I miss the original version.  I still use Sapien for when I have to work with vbscript code but I find it way too bloated when comparing it PowerGUI.  When it’s all said and done I think I will be deciding between the ISE and the free PowerGUI.

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