Managing Servers 

Not really Powershell (but there is a cool script to build your rdg in the gallery) but part of the daily system administration process,  connecting to servers via RDP.

I have been using Remote Desktop Connection Manager, even when other options were available. Version 2.7 was a great update and I have just recently found the cool parts of it. For example setting defaults. For most of the connections I will be using the credentials and display settings are the same. Adding a connection is easy enough but when you just have to enter the server name and the rest are defaults… nice.

Then I found the “Smart Groups”. Easy enough, just uses parameters like server name but for me it allows an easy way to organize my servers based on app or role.

In my testing of other, most truly non-free, there is one feature that I found was surpassed. Devolutions version of Remote Desktop Manager has a convenient action to access the Windows key on the remote desktop you are connected to.

Powershell 5:

install-package rdcman

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