Leaves or not – Removing an AD Computer Object

I read two posts  recently about removing computers from AD, specifically Computers with leaf objects. A computer can have leaf objects for several things, as an example a PrintServer has leaf objects for each Print Queue. I remember coming into the issue with leaf objects in the past. Blindly using Remove-ADObject can be problematic as was mentioned in one of the posts I was reading. If you have ever run a Remove-ADcomputer and received an error you may have just went into AD Computers and Users and just deleted … ugggh lots of mouse clicking.

I took this as a chance to just write a quick piece of PowerShell code that might provide  a better way to handle this. I took a chuck of code which was part of a ForEach loop just to provide a simple one-for-one you can use with which you can test and have some peace of mind.

$testCase = Get-ADComputer somecomputername
$leafObjects = get-ADObject -Filter * -SearchBase $testCase.DistinguishedName
If ($leafObjects.count -gt 0) {
# Leaf objects involved so Remove-ADObject
"Removing $(testCase.Name) with Remove-ADObject"
Remove-ADObject $testCase.DistinguishedName -Recursive -Confirm:$False -Force
Else {
# No leaf objects found so we can use the Computer specific method
"Removing $(testCase.Name) with Remove-ADComputer"
$testCase | Remove-ADComputer -Confirm:$False -Force

Again this was just some code I scratchpad-ed, any feedback is welcome.

Getting PowerShell Code into a WordPress.com post is just a pain…. where are my tabs? even if I precede indented text with four spaces

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