I have been a Systems Administrator for many years now.  I started out not being into computers but one of my last tours of duty I found myself faced with learning how to use them.  Long story short, crap rolls down hill and since I was the lowest rank when the equipment showed up it was quickly assigned to be my task.

I caught the bug quickly and deeply.  I even went as far as buying a Zenith SuperSport 8088 laptop.  Back then the software on hand was dbaseIII plus, SuperCalc and MultiMate and oh yeah Earl Weaver baseball.  I also got into the console and loved Unix.

Since then obviously technologies have changed and despite my dislike for the GUI and even more the Microsoft approach, I saw the potential and eased into that realm.  Taking some of my Unix habits, when Powershell came along I was all in.

Currently I am using Powershell to automate tasks, ensuring they are done consistently and reducing the drudgery when doing them manually.

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