CLI – Windows Terminal – Settings

Not just PowerShell but this is something I have observed as I work with the Windows Terminal (Preview) app. I have used a few different terminal apps but really liking this one.

There are a few things I hope change as the app matures, note it is still Preview. The group working on this app have been very responsive and small changes have been rolling out in a quick manner. For example they have released a font to be used with the terminal. As someone how likes a slashed zero I have been using alternate fonts for the CLI and VSCode but this new font is a great start for those that have not been digging that deep.

My biggest frustration with this app has been centered around the settings file. With each update the list of changes is well documented but when you try to match them up to your instance … yep that is my frustration. I have done the app uninstall and remove the current settings file (profiles.json) and re-installed. That brings the new stuff to surface but now I have to go back and add all of my ssh profiles… Then I came upon a nugget of information and thought I might share that in case there are others finding the same frustration. In the video below I try to show how to find some of the new settings that you might not see after an app update. While in the terminal hold the “Alt” key and then click on the Settings item in the terminal tab menu. This opens a file names defaults.json. Going through this file helps you find the pieces you can then apply to your active settings (profiles.json).